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About Olympic

We believe in giving our customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. Extending our knowledge and expertise we offer alterations services, repairs, measuring and more, ensuring the perfect fit for your attire.


Our History


For over forty years we have been making sure all your tailoring needs are met with our fine workmanship & extensive knowledge. 


My journey started in the 60's, after having completed a rigorous 3 year schooling program at Greece's top tailoring school, located on the island of Kos. At that time, it was the most prestigious school, if you wanted to be a professional tailor.

Through a lot of hard work and drive, I established my first business only a couple of years later. It was a dry cleaning store but also did tailoring on the premises. I named it Pheonix and it was located in Aliveri, on the beautiful island of Evia. In the late 60's, even though business was good, I figured I wanted an even better future for my young family. The political situation during that time, helped me realize I wanted to emigrate to the United States, in pursuit of the American Dream.

That is exactly what happened....the rest is history!




Our Expertise


Our approach is very simple; if it's going to look better, fit better & make you happy, we will do exactly that.

Fortunately, with our enormous experience in this field, we educate the client to all possibilities & options when it comes to alterations. We also inform the client of what looks good, what doesn't and any possible limitations we may have. 


When it comes to what we can work our magic on, the answer is almost anything made from fabric, leather or fur. It could be a drapery, table cloth, throw, leather coat, top coat...even a hat or an accessory.



Our Commitment


Our reputation is excellent for a reason; all the work we perform for our clients meets and exceeds their expectations...always.


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